Mission & Vision

Welcome to Butler Children’s Prep, where we are committed to shaping hearts and minds.

Our mission is to provide an education that appreciates different learning styles and creates a safe, intimate, and nurturing environment for all children to fulfill their potential.

Butler students will thrive while learning, and carry on the ideals of the three B’s: to have Belief in one’s abilities, that Beauty exists in all things, and that each of us shares a common Bond. This is the Butler way!

Butler’s proven pre-k curriculum:

  • fosters self-esteem

  • inspires excellence

  • sparks a love of learning

  • celebrates creativity

  • promotes healthy living

Through a mindful approach, Butler students will acquire the skills to become future leaders and thinkers; confidently growing in knowledge while becoming the best persons they can be.

Staying committed to our vision and mission will allow Butler to shape the hearts and minds of all who enter our doors.

About Our Program

In June of 2015, the Ogden International School of Chicago, an IB school with a steep history in and around Chicago’s Gold Coast community, announced that it would be terminating its tuition-based preschool program to make way for the unprecedented increase in the number of new K-5 students.

The fact that Ogden’s pedagogical philosophy is so profoundly strong created a sense of duty by a few parents and teachers who believed in the continuance of the same mission.  These parents and teachers are the founders of Butler Children’s Prep.

Designed to support individuality and independence, our preschool curriculum sets the stage for a love of learning.  Each day, our students have opportunities for open-ended exploration and play.  In addition, teachers create authentic, discovery-based experiences where children can find success in their innate curiosity. Along with helping to build a strong academic foundation, we place high value on nurturing social-emotional development.

At Butler, we feel the first years of a child’s education are some of the most important.  They should give him or her the right start –  a solid grasp of the basics, a love of learning and a genuine curiosity about the world around them.  Instilling a positive attitude about learning is vital in setting the tone for the rest of their education.

Our preschool is designed for those 3-5 year olds who have shown an interest in learning in a more academic environment compared to a strictly play-based setting. Each day is a new adventure under the caring guidance of highly qualified teachers.

In addition to a STEM curriculum, we emphasize six learner qualities that create a well-rounded child at school and at home:

1. Curious
2. Respectful
3. Enthusiastic
4. Creative
5. Independent
6. Open-minded

The link between early childhood and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education is indisputable. Early exposure to STEM – whether it be in school, at a museum, a library, or just engaging in the natural trial and error of play – supports children’s overall academic growth, develops early critical thinking and reasoning skills, and enhances later interest in STEM study and careers.

With STEM as its core curriculum, Butler Children’s Prep believes the skills and knowledge in each discipline are essential for student success because these fields are deeply intertwined in the real world and in how students learn most effectively.

From teaching the basics of physical and emotional well-being in yoga class to expanding linguistic horizons with Mandarin lessons, Butler provides students a balanced and comprehensive variety of learning opportunities. Butler's weekly Mandarin, yoga & music enrichment classes for every age group are included in the cost of tuition.

Foreign Language Instruction (Mandarin)

There is endless research of how learning multiple languages as a child accelerates cognitive development and stimulates cultural awareness. Our Mandarin program incorporates interactive musical play and art to create a fun bilingual atmosphere for students.


Introducing yoga is advantageous at an early age, beginning with the fundamentals of balance, strength & flexibility, Our yoga program builds confidence in our students’ relationship to their bodies and their attitude toward physical activity.


Music provides the perfect blend of play and education in an atmosphere of vibrance and enthusiasm. Learning about rhythm and beats through song and dance introduces basic math skills, promotes early literacy, and strengthens motor skills and coordination.

Admission & Enrollment

Butler is a full day, year-round program. Enrollment is a continuous process based on availability.

We invite you and your family to begin the admissions process at Butler by scheduling a tour. Individual family tours allow us to give you focused time and attention and for you to see first hand, our program in action. Tours are scheduled Monday-Friday, typically in the morning, and last approximately 30 minutes.

Enrollment in Butler is lottery based, and is an ongoing process based on availability.  Our main lottery for June and September start dates occurs during the month of March, and consists of several rounds. Families who are not offered a space in the first round will be given the opportunity to remain on our waitlist. These applications are then used in the remaining rounds of the lottery to fill available spaces.

Completed application forms must also include a $750 enrollment fee check. Enrollment fee checks are not deposited until an available space is offered and confirmed by the parent. Once the enrollment fee is deposited, it is non-refundable and is not applied toward tuition.

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Outplacement Plan

Our graduates seamlessly progress to the finest public and  private schools in Chicago. Butler plays a vital role in supporting our graduates’ transition from preschool to elementary school.  

Our Outplacement Plan begins with the premise that each child is unique and has his/her own learning style and needs.  During their preschool years we take great care to learn about each of our students and to appreciate their strengths, disposition, and academic abilities.

Each year, during the fall semester, parents are invited to our Ongoing Schools Seminar. This informative and reassuring seminar outlines the ongoing schools process and the choice of public and private schools.  Butler’s staff meets one on one with each family to offer attention and direction in navigating parents through this important process, from choosing the most suitable schools for their child to how to support their young child throughout testing and interviews. Families choose traditional, progressive, art based and religious schools – in short, those schools that best suit their learning goals.