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Copy of Full Professional Shopify Store Setup

We setup your Shopify store, from start, to launch.

We'll get your store launched faster and better than had you done it on your own. Could you do it on your own? Of course, but the simple matter is that you don't have the experience of launching dozens of stores on several global markets and experience in over 15 different retail industries, dropshipping, custom functionality, app integration and design. We are your go-to Experts for your Shopify needs.

We help you with: 

  1. Creating your account / store. Meaning you won't be limited to Shopify's default 14 day trial. With us, you only pay until your store is ready to launch. Even if it takes months, you won't pay for your plan until we are ready to launch.
  2. Uploading products to your store.
  3. Setting up Menus and Navigation.
  4. Creation of content pages for about us, contact us, shipping, refunds, etc.
  5. Theme* integration and full professional setup to make your store look professional, attractive and beautiful.
  6. We add and activate a popup form for subscribers.
  7. Full Shipping configuration with Real Time Shipping costs (if available).
  8. Tax configuration.
  9. Notification emails activation for all new orders.
  10. Checkout configuration with color palette and business logo.
  11. Facebook and Messenger Channels integration and configuration.
  12. Automatic and/or manual collections.
  13. Google Analytics integration.
  14. Generic Privacy Policy.
  15. Generic Terms and Conditions.
  16. FAQ creation.
  17. Mailchimp (or another autoresponder) integration.
  18. Shopify blog activation.
  19. Secure Badges on site.
  20. Help you to activate your Shopify monthly plan.
  21. Integrate your domain.
  22. Activate SSL for secure payments.
  23. Integrate several payment methods.
  24. Launch store.
  25. You get unlimited revisions.
  26. But most importantly, we will be your go-to resource team for 30 days after store launch. If you have any questions about Shopify or your store, you get 24/7 email access to us, where we give you all the tips and guidance you need to learn how to manage your store like a pro.

Want an incredible looking, professional, attractive Shopify store, configured by ecommerce experts? Hire us now!

    * Setup price does not include Theme cost.

    * Does not include any type of code editing.

    * Does not include installation of any app other than the ones we will install as part of the service.

    Terms and conditions of this service.


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